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How To Save Money For Travel

Are you Planning to travel soon? Clueless on saving Money for Your trip?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to travel at least once a year? Learning new cultures, see beautiful places and meet new people. As fun as it sounds, your money department might not have the ability to support your wanderlust. It is easy for you to travel when you have an outstanding job and can afford to spend money on luxurious activity such as travelling, choosing the hotel, Tour packages and other fun activities to do during your travel.However what if you are a student? Or someone who has a hard time managing your expenditures? Restaurant Frankfurt-Oder brings you some key points Read below to understand money saving and tour packages. The Restaurant Frankfurt-Oder allows you an all-round pleasant stay, both for business trips and as a starting point for excursions into the unique environment with many attractions.


Here are some easy tips for you on how to save money for travel:

1. Make a list of your monthly expenses

It is easy to figure out how much money you can put aside regularly once you have a clear idea of how much money you spend on your fixed expenses monthly.

2. Realistic amount

Set the amount that you want to save regularly and stick with it. Don’t set the value too high cause you will never know when you suddenly get unexpected expenses. Just put aside a sum which is realistic to you. If you can have your saving account linked together with you bank account that would be great. Just set-up few saving accounts specifically for each purpose; for example name them as travel, car, house or urgency. Set a fixed date every month where money from your bank account would be automatically transferred to your saving account. If it is impossible for you to set-up several saving accounts, just have one saving account where you can set the limit on how much you can withdraw. However, DO NOT use money from you saving account unless it’s URGENT.

3. Limit going out or eating out

If you think about it, going out or eating out cost you a lot of money especially if you do it once a week. You can easily spend around 50 bucks on food or drinks weekly, it might seem okay to some people but why don’t you spend that 50 bucks on your plane ticket to Philippines or Greece for example.

4. Extra income from somewhere else

If you can get the opportunity to earn extra money by baby sitting your neighbor’s children, just do it! Even if the pay is not high, at least, you will have an extra income. So, why not?

5. Use a saving jar

If you have some extra coins or cash, just put it in your piggy bank. Make sure you buy one, where you can’t easily take the money out. If you are creative, you can even create your own saving jar that might look more attractive and motivate you to put money in it.There are a lot of DIY videos on YouTube on how to make one. You will be surprised by how much money you can save up in a year, it’s not going to be a lot, but hey its the effort that counts.

6. Choosing the best Hotel

  • Know what is most important to you. …
  • Know the Holy Grail of amenities. …
  • Check the hotel’s website. …
  • Look at a map to determine a hotel’s exact location. …
  • Find out when both the rooms and public spaces were last updated. …
  • Focus on guest reviews published within the last year.

The team of the “Restaurant Frankfurt-Oder” warmly welcomes you to Frankfurt an der Oder. The Oder River is the natural border with Poland and the neighboring Polish city of Slubice. With individually designed rooms, an attentive service and the best comfort we like to spoil our guests in the Restaurant Frankfurt-OderThe convenient location of our cozy hotel with restaurant near the city center with marketplace and town hall make our guests feel very comfortable. Directly at the Restaurant Frankfurt-Oder passes the Oder-Neisse Cycle Path . The island “Ziegenwerder” – directly accessible from the hotel – is a popular excursion destination with natural walking paths.


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