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SEO Website Marketing

SEO Website Marketing

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The Age of Search
In this Age of Search, who can live a day without searching in Google or Yahoo or Bing. Search has become a way of life as we need quick answers to the questions we generate in our everyday lives. Our search may be done for: searching for a place to go to, identifying a store to buy or a restaurant to dine in or to learn or just to clarify our doubts. So, search has become an integral part of our life.

Search Results
Whenever you search for anything in a Search Engine like Google, you end up seeing a list of results relevant to your search. From where these Search results are populated in the results page of Google? To understand this, we need to understand the term “Internet”. The Internet is a globally interconnected network of computers belonging to both private and public networks which are connected by various networking technologies. Your website would be residing in one of those servers that gets connected to Google to provide relevant information when a particular search is triggered.

Website and Visibility
Definitely you would agree with me that you are not the only one who is offering the same product or services in your area or in the entire world. You have a website to represent your business and you should not forget that your competitors also would be having websites to represent their products or services. Logically speaking, when a search is triggered Google lists all businesses or companies that offer the same products or services in its search results pages. Now you should understand that there are hundreds of results pages for the same or related products or services. Yes, there is a strong competition among the businesses to come into the first page of the Google results page because the users who are searching often want to buy the product or services that appear in the first page. How many of us ever, ever go to a 50th page to see for a business? Google has its own parameters that evaluates every website to rank and appear in the first page; this is called the Search Algorithm. Now you have a challenge: to bring visibility of your business in the first page by satisfying the Google Algorithm which gets changes every now and then.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
The term “Search Engine Optimization” refers to optimizing  your website to the Search Engines. When well optimized for a Search Engine, your website appears more frequently with higher ranks in the first page without paying money to the Search Engines, which is called as Organic or Natural or Earned Results. This would attract more visitors to your website and an increased potential to close a business deal or a sale. So there becomes a necessity to ask help from experts to do a Search Engine Optimization for your website, which involves in:
1. writing or editing to create a relevant content with the right marketing pitch,
2. having the right market-driven keywords that might suit the search terms,
3. tweaking of the HTML and associated coding,
4. helping to index your website in the Search Engines,
5. crosslinking of internal pages
6. updating of content frequently
7. adding relevant keywords to the metadata of a web page
8. populating with the right title tag and meta description
9. normalizing the URLs of the web pages
10. having the right type and volume of backlinks, and having a mobile responsive website and many more

The Lesson
A businessman should focus on his core business and leave the optimizing the website and running the SEO campaign to an SEO services company. Hence it is necessary for a business to hire a SEO Services Company to optimize their website. Since the Search Engines change their algorithm very frequently (In 2010, Google changed the algorithm 500 times), Search Engine Optimization is a continuous effort on a daily basis. You should ask your SEO services company to provide with a monthly report of the consolidated results of the performance of your business keywords.


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